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4 Streams that make up the River of Living Well


Marriage Enrichment

  •  "Marriage WELL" Couple's Retreat is just that, a place where you can come and literally re-treat to nurture your marriage and love your spouse.

  • "Unwind Financial Podcast" is designed to educate, inspire and liberate married couples as we talk about finances and all things "health and wealth" (see "Weekly Podcast page)


Emergency Assistance 

There are times in life when we need a life line to help us up and out of traumatic events or devasting circumstances. Whether the need is food, shelter, transportation, rental or utility assistance, LWCF serves to be that life-line and connect couples and families to critical resources in their time of need.

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Liberation comes through education and self-awareness. Literacy is both the ability to read and write, and having knowledge or competency in a particular area. At LWCF, we believe reading is transformative, and both financial and entrepreneurial literacy is critical for socioeconomic health and empowerment.


We provide Emerge educational coaching and mentorship.


We provide Unwind Financial counseling to low and middle income families and those experiencing major financial challenges. To learn more, please visit



Healing and Wholeness


 LUV @ The Well is a sacred place for women to experience healing in their Identity and wholeness in their Intimacy, through counseling services, poetry readings, and video offerings.


Liberation also comes through inner healing and soul care. At the heart of what we do-PRAYER is the foundation. Through fervant and faithful prayer for every couple and family we serve, a living well of restoration is released. Lives are transformed, and communities are healed from the inside-out, one prayer at a time



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